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Joe’s Fencing and Gates Corona

One of the Top Wood Fence Companies in Corona

While homeowners have plenty of options in building materials for their property’s privacy needs, wood fencing still achieves lasting results. As a traditional choice for many households throughout the Corona, CA, community, they offer lots of security and protection daily. Choose one of the top wood fence companies in Corona by calling us today.

Wooden fences and gates and create a durable barrier between your backyard and the outside, and maintenance isn’t overly challenging. Wash them off with your garden hose and have them painted every few years, and you can look forward to:

  • Cost-Effective Fencing
  • Lots of Design Options
  • Personalized Styling
  • Greener Building Products
  • Easy to Stain & Paint
  • Classic Décor Aesthetics
  • Enhanced Privacy & Protection
  • Lasting Durability
  • And more reasons to install

Another way to find the best value on wood fence companies is by hiring us at Joe’s Fencing and Gates Corona. As your experienced team of installation service contractors and affordable daily pricing, no one protects you better without blowing budgets.

As one of the favorite wood fencing companies in Corona, we guarantee longer-lasting results for less.

Give your yard the sense of privacy and security it needs for safer outdoor playtimes and see our service difference.

One of the Top Corona, CA Wood Fence Companies

Despite how rigid wood may appear at first, your fencing systems have a lot of customizability in store for unique results. Whether you plan on having creeping vines and climbing plants or need total privacy, we have the options you need.

Our wood fence companies talent captures the classic residential property look with durable and long-lasting building materials for years of protecting your home. And because wooden surfaces take to paint well, many homeowners prefer them so that they can control their finished appearance.

  • Horizontal Plank Fences
  • Wood Privacy Fences
  • Good Neighbor Fencing
  • Wooden Shadowbox Fences
  • Board on Board
  • Wood Stockade Fences
  • Wooden Dog-Ear Posts
  • Picket Fences
  • Estate Fencing
  • Semi-Private Wood Fences
  • Concave & Convex Posts
  • Stained Wood Fences
  • And more wood fencing services

No matter what style suits your tastes the most, or what you expect to see from your fence, choose us. As one of the areas top wood fence companies, we guarantee better wood fencing systems that last.

Horizontal Plank Fences

Horizontal wood planks continue gaining more popularity with a stylized look that adds contemporary style to your outdoor entertainment areas.

Wood Privacy Fences

It’s tough for even your noisiest neighbor to grab a glance at your yard when your privacy fences are wooden.

Good Neighbor Fencing

Sometimes the best fences are the ones shared with neighbors. With finished ends facing both ways, everyone gets quality fencing.

Wooden Shadowbox Fences

When you alternate the interior planks of your wood fencing, it creates a shadowbox effect that enhances your yard’s privacy.

Board on Board

Alternating vertical boards fastened against horizontal railings mean that nothing is getting through your fence. These offer superior daily security.

Wood Stockade Fences

Your new wood stockade fencing takes inspiration from old military forts to create tightly standing planks with pointed decorative tips.

Wooden Dog-Ear Posts

The wood dog-ear post style is one of the most instantly recognizable fencing design choices you can find in neighborhoods.

Picket Fences

When you think of a residential home, you likely picture a classic white picket wood fence adorning the front entrance.

Estate Fencing

Estate fencing stems from post and rail systems to offer a contemporary way to secure your property with minimal designs.

Semi-Private Wood Fencing Companies

With alternating widths of interior planks, we create a unique semi-private fence design that turns heads without them peering in.

Concave & Convex Posts

Whether you prefer that your fence posts curve upwards or create a wooden tip curve, we can design any system.

Stained Wood Fences

Stained wood fencing stays durable against daily sun exposure while looking attractive with a range of different shades and hues.

Google Reviews

Hanny Pinter

Did you know that the fence is supposed to be one of your most important investments for a home? That’s why Joe’s Fencing & Gates Corona had our backs when we were looking for something better. They designed custom metal framed gates and they’re so sturdy! We love them because nobody will ever come in again with these gates-unless it’s invited, haha! The crew was on time, professional, and installed them right away.

Charlotte Sophie

Joe and his crew finished the work on our fence in a timely manner. They kept us informed of their progress, ensuring that we would have to wait for no more than 3 weeks before they could install it! Luckily, despite the 100+ degree weather on installation day, Joe was able to finish up quickly so that we wouldn’t need another fenced area until next year’s planting season.

Sulka Robit

I cannot express enough how thrilled I am about our new fence around the pool! Not only is it absolutely beautiful, Joe and his team listened to my concerns of anything going into the pool (metal shards while cutting). They also cleaned up before they left. The nicest guys ever – you won’t regret using them for your fencing needs!

Blaze Coffin

Good communication and the fence was put up quickly. They were professional throughout and are well worth the price.