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Joe’s Fencing and Gates Corona

Some homeowners see fencing made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and assume it won’t offer enough protection for their property. What they don’t know, however, is with one of the top vinyl fencing companies in Corona, you never have to worry about privacy again. We use:

  • Mildew Resistant Fencing
  • Gapless Options Available
  • Fade Resistant Panels
  • Impact Durability
  • Enhanced Privacy & Security
  • Longer Lasting Materials

These lightweight, yet sturdy panels offer an affordable and attractive way of bordering your lot. They naturally stand up to daily UV exposure and stay mildew resistant, saving you tons on maintenance.

When your home deserves one of the area’s most trusted vinyl fencing companies in the Corona, CA, area, call Joe’s Fencing and Gates Corona. As your trusted name for vinyl fencing, gates, repairs, and more, no one keeps your yards better protected.

Our fence systems can prevent everything from stray dogs and nosy neighbors to premature rotting and other maintenance concerns. If you need a hassle-free way to keep your home and loved ones safer, look no further.

Corona, CA Vinyl Fencing Companies

Finding your ideal vinyl fencing companies is all about creating systems that will last. One of the more expensive aspects of having a fence for more homeowners is maintenance costs.

While vinyl fencing offers many benefits, it’s the ease of care and upkeep that many people appreciate. Besides rinsing it off you won’t have to worry about wood rot, mildew, or rusty nails.

These fence systems offer as much security and privacy as traditional building materials and at affordable prices. Hire our trusted team of local Corona fencing contractors today, and save more on:

  • Vinyl Privacy Fencing
  • Semi-Private Vinyl Systems
  • Vinyl Lattice Fences
  • Dog Ear Posts
  • Vinyl Picket Fencing
  • Flat Top Fencing
  • Vinyl Post & Rail
  • PVC Pool Fencing
  • Vinyl Shadowbox Fences
  • PVC Gates
  • Vinyl Patio & Deck Fencing
  • Rounded Fencing Edges
  • And more vinyl fencing services.

No matter what design, style, or functions you need from your new vinyl fence, we guarantee better results. See why more area homeowners still choose our installation team.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing

When your vinyl fencing posts create a solid wall of PVC, it means no one’s gaze is getting through again.

Semi-Private Vinyl Systems

Unlike privacy fences, semi-private options include separated posts, which allows some passing airflow without completely sacrificing your sense of security.

Vinyl Lattice Fences

Lattice remains a classic design choice that adds lots of charm to any outdoor living space, and plants love them.

Dog Ear Posts

When you prefer your PVC fencing to appear more like traditional wood systems, vinyl dog-ear posts capture the desired effect.

Vinyl Picket Fencing

Vinyl picket fencing mimics classic white wood, at a fraction of the cost. You don’t even need them painted.

Flat Top Fencing

Flat top vinyl fence posts give your outdoor areas a contemporary aesthetic, as well as attractive choices for pool fencing.

Vinyl Post & Rail

Post and rail systems have long been used by homeowners looking for a minimalistic way of defining their property line.

PVC Pool Fencing

Your swimming pool fencing should remain lightweight and free from metals to prevent accidental injuries or rusting concerns forming.

Vinyl Shadowbox Fences

Shadowbox fencing styles use alternating posts to enhance your privacy without losing any airflow. Vinyl makes for attractive, clean results.

PVC Gates

Whether you already have fencing in place, or you need a replacement, we can assist you with PVC gates.

Vinyl Patio & Deck Fencing

From swimming pool borders to enhancing your backyard privacy, we can complete any service needs that your home has now.

Rounded Fencing Edges

We can customize your vinyl rails with either curved or convex rounded edges, giving your fences an elegant design choice.

Google Reviews

Hanny Pinter

Did you know that the fence is supposed to be one of your most important investments for a home? That’s why Joe’s Fencing & Gates Corona had our backs when we were looking for something better. They designed custom metal framed gates and they’re so sturdy! We love them because nobody will ever come in again with these gates-unless it’s invited, haha! The crew was on time, professional, and installed them right away.

Charlotte Sophie

Joe and his crew finished the work on our fence in a timely manner. They kept us informed of their progress, ensuring that we would have to wait for no more than 3 weeks before they could install it! Luckily, despite the 100+ degree weather on installation day, Joe was able to finish up quickly so that we wouldn’t need another fenced area until next year’s planting season.

Sulka Robit

I cannot express enough how thrilled I am about our new fence around the pool! Not only is it absolutely beautiful, Joe and his team listened to my concerns of anything going into the pool (metal shards while cutting). They also cleaned up before they left. The nicest guys ever – you won’t regret using them for your fencing needs!

Blaze Coffin

Good communication and the fence was put up quickly. They were professional throughout and are well worth the price.