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Privacy Fence

Privacy and pool fence

Privacy fences have many different functions. They can be used to improve the outside appearance of your home. They can cover up less visibly pleasing exteriors of your neighboring properties. A privacy fence can help define your area or space, and  by adding dynamic various elements – they can help break up that space too. They can enhance the beauty of your outdoor areas.

However their most important function, as their name indicates is to add privacy. The addition of privacy fencing  can bring both protection and seclusion. A privacy fence may be very similar to a normal fence but one main difference is their height, they are normally at least 4 to 6 feet tall.

Privacy fences are designed to optimize outdoor space with a modern touch. Privacy fencing comes in various styles and types.

When choosing the right privacy fence for you, you’ll want to consider things like how long the different materials last, how durable they are, how easy they are to mainatin and repair, as well as your personal style and budget preferences.

Wood Privacy Fencing

Wood fences are still the most common style of fence installation in the USA for residential homes. A wood fence can help your home to be much more private and secure.  What better way to feel connected to nature and the outdoors than with a fence that provides safety and beauty – simultaneously?

Vinyl privacy fencing

Vinyl privacy fences are increasingly popular because they are so versatile, durable and east to maintain. They offer a clean, attractive, appealing look to both businesses and hopes and they can last for a lifetime.

Vinyl fencing has virtually no maintenance. Unlike wood there are no nails or splinters, screws or nails, mold, termites or rotting to be concerned about which is an important factor to consider.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Upkeep of privacy fencing is relatively easy and much easier, than for example a glass surface around your home. There are more maintence issue to consider for wooden fences than there are for privacy fences. To avoid any issues though we can recommend the best steps to maintain the appearance of your fences, whether it’s affected by a rainstorm, by pets, or by just normal wear and tear. If your privacy fence is damaged we are very happy to help with repairs and all our work ca. Find out much more details about us.


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