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Metal Fencing
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Metal Fencing is Superior to any Other Material

For security purposes, metal fencing is superior to any other material, offering a stable and versatile option to keep your commercial or domestic property safe. There are a variety of metal fencing options, each with their own ideal uses. This article looks at the different types of metal fencing available, and what they are best used for.

Steel palisade fencing is ideal for those that require high-level security for their premises or home. Palisade fences provide superior protection, with a range a height options to choose from, and at affordable prices. This type of fencing is popular with industrial properties, but can also be used in a domestic setting to restrict certain areas or if vandalism and crime is a serious risk factor.

Maybe you just moved to a new house and needed a fence so your dog can safely play in the yard. Or maybe the old fence around the rose garden is ready to be replaced. Regardless of why you need a fence, when individuals begin researching types of fences for their home or business, they quickly realize they have many options available. In addition to the traditional choices of wood, vinyl, and chain link, homeowners and businesses have another fencing option: metal fence.

Fences may only be Constructed out of a Few Different Types of Materials: Wood, Vinyl, Chain Link, or Ornamental Metal

Each material offers its individual benefits. While wood is less expensive than the other options, it requires regular upkeep (such as staining) to keep it looking good. Vinyl is a popular choice because it doesn’t need as much maintenance as the wood fence. However, ornate metal fencing creates the perfect mixture of strength and beauty.

While wood is a popular fencing material, and it used to be one of our top fencing materials, it’s not a material that we recommend or like to use anymore. Wood is an attractive and affordable option, but it deteriorates, fades, and doesn’t hold up long-term through inclement weather (especially during winter in Corona).

Since we only offer top-rated materials that we feel confident in using, we offer a variety of metal fence materials to ensure that your fencing lasts and looks great for years to come. While we do build fencing with retired cedar and vinyl, we prefer and recommend metal materials for a number of reasons.

The Most Common Form of Malleable

Before the development of effective methods of steelmaking and the availability of large quantities of steel, wrought iron was the most common form of malleable iron. It was given the name wrought because it was hammered, rolled, or otherwise worked while hot enough to expel molten slag. The modern functional equivalent of wrought iron is mild steel, also called low-carbon steel. Neither wrought iron nor mild steel contains enough carbon to be hardenable by heating and quenching.

Wrought iron has become an exceptionally popular material for both commercial and residential projects, and this is due to the many advantages it has over other metals, wood, and brick. For those that have begun their own project and are asking themselves how long does wrought iron last, here is a look at its average lifespan and some of the factors that will affect the durability of wrought iron.

One of the Most Traditional Metal Fencing Materials

Metal Fencing has been used for centuries to create fences and gates. True metal is worked by hand, heated and hammered into shape. This labor-intensive process can be too expensive for many homeowners, but you can still enjoy the look of a wrought-iron fence that meets your budget by using a manufactured iron fence. This type of fence uses steel that’s similar in composition to iron, but it’s much more affordable. The steel is coated to look like wrought iron; the coating also protects the fence from rust. A manufactured fence makes it more affordable to purchase a fence with a more intricate design or to enclose a larger area of your yard. We build the most reliable Fence and gates here in CoronaChino, and Riverside.

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Hanny Pinter

Did you know that the fence is supposed to be one of your most important investments for a home? That’s why Joe’s Fencing & Gates Corona had our backs when we were looking for something better. They designed custom metal framed gates and they’re so sturdy! We love them because nobody will ever come in again with these gates-unless it’s invited, haha! The crew was on time, professional, and installed them right away.

Charlotte Sophie

Joe and his crew finished the work on our fence in a timely manner. They kept us informed of their progress, ensuring that we would have to wait for no more than 3 weeks before they could install it! Luckily, despite the 100+ degree weather on installation day, Joe was able to finish up quickly so that we wouldn’t need another fenced area until next year’s planting season.

Sulka Robit

I cannot express enough how thrilled I am about our new fence around the pool! Not only is it absolutely beautiful, Joe and his team listened to my concerns of anything going into the pool (metal shards while cutting). They also cleaned up before they left. The nicest guys ever – you won’t regret using them for your fencing needs!

Blaze Coffin

Good communication and the fence was put up quickly. They were professional throughout and are well worth the price.