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Chain Link Fencing
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Chain Link Fencing is Everywhere

But have you ever stopped and wondered how it’s made? The process is quite interesting, as chain link fences are knit or woven together. It all starts with a giant spool of galvanized steel or aluminum wire. A machined straightens out the wire, which is then fed into various “knitting” machines where it is cross-weaved with other pieces of wire to create the iconic chain link design.

See how a chain link fence comes together in the factory. If you’re in need of a new fence around your home or business, contact a fence builder in Corona to learn more about the benefits of using chain link fencing. Your fencing contractor can also tell you if chain link is appropriate for your fencing needs and recommend alternatives if it is not.

The cost of chain link fencing can vary depending on the style you choose – call us for a free quote based on the right type of chain link for your property.
Fences 6 feet or taller, or those with upgrades, are more likely to exceed $5,000. Depending on height and gauge, you can spend up to $40 per linear foot. Labor usually makes up 25 to 50% of the final price. Chain-link fencing is a cheap and popular option for homeowners. It’s great for keeping pets and children safe without blocking the view or the breeze, but may not have as high an ROI as fence materials like wrought iron or wood.

Chain Link Fencing is one of the Best Fencing Types for Reuse

The panels and poles are made from metal, don’t rust or wear out easily, and have a flexible shape so that they can surround almost any type of perimeter. You can post your old fence on classified online sale websites. You normally would have to pay somebody to remove an old chain link fence, but you can save yourself and someone else some money by giving it away if they are willing to do the work of uninstalling and hauling the fence off your property.

Be sure you advise potential buyers about the work involved. Concrete footings are usually attached to fence posts, and they either need to be dug out with post or broken up and then removed in smaller pieces. A small tractor or a heavy sledgehammer might be needed. But, with a the work, they’ll have great quality fencing materials for a fraction of the price, and you won’t have to worry about removing it yourself– or paying for removal.

If you want durability, you sure have selected the right material. Chain-link fencing is probably the strongest fence you can buy. As for long-term durability, the only thing better that immediately comes to mind would be a masonry wall. I personally don’t like walls because they create a fortress atmosphere. Modern vinyl-coated chain-link fencing allows you to see what’s on the other side of your property.

Independent lab testing has shown that not all chain-link fences are created equal. They may look identical, but one fence can be far superior to another. The wire fabric, metal line posts, and top rail come in different thicknesses or gauges. Oddly enough, as the gauge number gets smaller, the thickness of the material increases. High-quality chain-link fencing will often be constructed with fabric that is 11.5 or 11 gauge. The line posts and top rail that keep these posts straight will have a wall thickness gauge of 15 or 16.

Chain link fence popularity stems partially from chain link’s moderately inexpensive cost. This specific fence material is exceptionally adaptable and the simplicity of establishment is a solid choice in a multitude of applications. Common color options for vinyl coated chain link fence are green, white, black and brown chain link fence.

White chain link vinyl is viewed as clinical, clean and sterile. It also evokes the feeling of organization and efficiency. White has also become representative of purity, fairness and impartiality. White is a color of protection and encouragement. Although not the most popular type of vinyl chain link, it does stand out from the crowd and it’s uniqueness is very pleasing. We build the most reliable Fence and gates here in CoronaChino, and Riverside.

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Hanny Pinter

Did you know that the fence is supposed to be one of your most important investments for a home? That’s why Joe’s Fencing & Gates Corona had our backs when we were looking for something better. They designed custom metal framed gates and they’re so sturdy! We love them because nobody will ever come in again with these gates-unless it’s invited, haha! The crew was on time, professional, and installed them right away.

Charlotte Sophie

Joe and his crew finished the work on our fence in a timely manner. They kept us informed of their progress, ensuring that we would have to wait for no more than 3 weeks before they could install it! Luckily, despite the 100+ degree weather on installation day, Joe was able to finish up quickly so that we wouldn’t need another fenced area until next year’s planting season.

Sulka Robit

I cannot express enough how thrilled I am about our new fence around the pool! Not only is it absolutely beautiful, Joe and his team listened to my concerns of anything going into the pool (metal shards while cutting). They also cleaned up before they left. The nicest guys ever – you won’t regret using them for your fencing needs!

Blaze Coffin

Good communication and the fence was put up quickly. They were professional throughout and are well worth the price.