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Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is a beautiful solution for outdoor space if you want to add both color and flair to your yard. Made from bamboo rolls that have been sealed together, bamboo fencing is hollow but sturdy. Lasting anywhere from 15 to 20 years, bamboo provides minimal visibility and a high standard of security to those on the inside. It can be installed freely or within frames to add color and structure to the fence.


Installing bamboo fencing is a simple task as the fencing itself is sold in rolls that must be unrolled and rooted into the ground. The hardest part of installing bamboo fencing is that it can be difficult to get it straight or aligned, so measuring and burying it into a predetermined spot is crucial. If your bamboo fencing is being installed into frames, it will be smoothed and locked into place with screws to ensure that they are mounted correctly into the frames. Fortunately, you won’t see one or two bamboo rods falling or protruding from the frame, as bamboo’s rolls ensure that the selection itself is secured as well.


Bamboo fencing is incredibly durable and also cheaper than standard wood. It can provide more strength and security than other popular types of wood, such as cedar. What’s more, bamboo is more resistant to water than standard hardwood, making it less likely to succumb to water damages, decay, or mold. Pests and disease also aren’t as likely to gravitate toward bamboo, as termites and other bugs that are often found in hardwood, can’t withstand the strength or eat through bamboo the same way. While bamboo is a natural material that’s very durable, it is not necessarily combative towards fire.


If you’ve ever wanted your outdoor space to feel like your own oasis, bamboo fencing may just be the way to go. Since bamboo fencing comes in stunning colors, it can also be used as a decorative fencing solution. Most bamboo doesn’t need to be colored as many like the appearance that it arrives in. It can also be customized and cut to fit your desired height, whether you want a tall, functional fence, or a short decorative one. Bamboo is also sleek and comes in several colors that you can pick from to fit your needs. Bamboo is eco-friendly and you’ll end up getting more value for your money when you choose bamboo fencing as a decorative or functional (or both) fencing solutions.


Finally, bamboo fencing and privacy fences are very practical. While it provides a closed sense of visibility to the outside, its earthy tones will generate natural sunlight and an open sense of comfort that’ll make your space feel clean, refreshed, and tropical. Bamboo serves as one of the sturdier options when it comes to natural fencing materials and can positively increase both the appearance and feel of your outdoor space. Bamboo works well in creating the illusion of a larger space for small yards or adding a welcoming, earthy environment for larger lawns.


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