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Fencing and gates are an integral part of your outdoor space, providing safety, security, and privacy. Often used to demark a space or add comfort, fences can be built to serve several purposes. Depending on your exact needs for a fence, whether you want something simple for the garden or you need something with more privacy for your outdoor activities, the materials chosen for fencing play a role in the installation and appearance that you'll get from each one. Wood fences are a classic that have been used for strength and comfort, looking nice against most homes, while bamboo fencing is a modern twist on the hardwood that offers clients a cost-friendly alternative. Whatever you decide, a fencing professional is available to assist you in determining the best fencing solution for you.

About Us

At Fencing and Gates Corona, we provide the Riverside, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Lake Elsinore areas with the most reliable fences and gates and in a selection of styles and materials. We approach fencing and gates with the same attitude as we do our clients, with an open mind and a goal for satisfaction. Since fences often serve a different purpose for every client, we take the extra step to ensure that we help clients chose a fence that will optimize their outdoor space and use. We remain honest, open, and transparent about the fencing solutions we provide and work with our clients to deliver cost-effective products that are durable and dependable.


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Our range of products and services are aimed at those that want cost-efficient and reliable fencing solutions for their outdoor space. We provide a set list of our expert services that incorporate elements of flexibility, durability, and overall comfort. If you have a fencing project or problem that you'd like assistance with but don't see offered on our set list, you can still get in contact with us to see how we can provide further help. Chances are, one of our fence contractors have dealt with a project similar in the past and can offer you the aid you need.

Vinyl Fence
Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence is another alternative to standard hardwood. Vinyl is a manmade material that is stronger than wood and doesn't require much upkeep after installation. It can be painted and is aligned in panels that are situated next to each other for the highest level of privacy. Cross-hatch patterns or designs can be incorporated into the tops of them as well, and vinyl is extremely resistant to bugs and decay, unlike wood.

Aluminum Fence
Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is often used for fencing and railings because it is both flexible and versatile. Perfect for a simple railing or fence. Aluminum is a great alternative to wrought iron or other metal fences and can resist corrosion and other outdoor, weather elements. Aluminum fencing can be painted and shaped to your preference, whether you want a picket fence or a sleek, split rail fence.

Wood Fencing and Gates
Wood Fence

Wood fence and gates are a classic in fencing solutions. Often chosen because of its strength, durability, and appearance, wood comes in several grains and stains that make it desirable to clients who want a simple yet durable fence. Since wood can last for many years without too much maintenance, it works to protect yards and surrounding areas with privacy when cutting into side-by-side panels or fulfills the need for extra visibility through lattice fences or even cross-hatched ones.

Iron fence
Metal Fencing and Gates

Metal fencing provides strength and security. Coming in tubular steel, solid steel, and wrought iron forms, metal fencing can withstand most outdoor elements such as rain and snow, and is both simple and functional depending on your use for the fence, metal provides versatile solutions and visibility for your outdoor space.

Bamboo Fencing
Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is an earthy and eco-friendly option for those that want to open up their outdoor space or integrate more earth tones with their surroundings. Bamboo is a valuable and durable alternative to hardwood, as it doesn’t easily succumb to the same elements as hardwood, such as mold or termites. Bamboo is water resistant and all-natural, making it also customizable in terms of choosing a color or tone that fits your personal preferences.

Privacy and pool fence
Privacy Fence

Privacy fences come in different types and have various functions. Serving as both high visibility and functionality, privacy fencing can even be installed surrounding the pool area for the benefits of security but with the appearance of simplicity. Privacy fencing is done to make the area around a pool safer but equally allows solitude and separation, allowing you a retreat to enjoy your space in peace.

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To learn more about our products and services available, we encourage you to get in contact with us today! We’ve provided our service number on our website for your convenience so that you can speak with one of our customer service representatives about a product or service that best suits you, as well as scheduling an appointment or requesting further information. We have also enclosed a contact form with which you can write to us directly with other inquiries or request a quote about one of our services, free of charge.

“I contacted Fencing and Gates Corona to install a dog fence around my lawn when we got a new puppy. I wasn’t sure what type of fence would be most suitable but they assured me that the type I chose would be sufficient. I’m really pleased with the appearance and outcome of the project and it really was affordable, too!” – Lacy T.

“I’m an avid gardener and wanted a garden fence around my vegetables and a lattice fence for my herbs. Not really knowing how to go about it, I contacted the fence contractors at Fencing and Gates Corona for some assistance. What a nice team of contractors! They’re so professional and friendly, really glad I chose them!” – Judith K.

“After a heavy storm, I noticed that parts of our old wood fence were a bit damaged. I got in contact with the guys at Fencing and Gates Corona to repair my fence. They wasted no time at all setting up an appointment and repairing my fence! Thanks, guys!” – Arnold A.